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Dec 29
Splitting tar files.Tagged » backups, sean reifschneider, technical
Dec 26
XFS says Happy Christmas.Tagged » file-systems, jfs, linux, reiser, sean reifschneider, xfs
Dec 24
More on the state of shaping.Tagged » freebsd, linux, sean reifschneider, technical, traffic shaping
Dec 22
State of the Traffic Shaping AddressTagged » linux, sean reifschneider, technical, traffic shaping
Dec 22
Steps for moving a web-site.Tagged » migration, sean reifschneider, technical
Dec 20
Using WDS under LinuxTagged » sean reifschneider, technical, wds, wireless
Dec 20
Gmail Spam SurveyTagged » gmail, sean reifschneider, spam, survey, technical
Dec 19
hotplug, udev and hal, oh my!Tagged » hal, hotplug, kevin fenzi, tech, udev
Dec 16
Heartbeat/Linux-HA Success Story: RoutersTagged » clustering, linux-ha, sean reifschneider, technical
Dec 15
Getting a unique number from a shell script.Tagged » postgresql, sean reifschneider, technical
Dec 15
Anti-Spam via HELO blocking and Postfix Makefile.Tagged » anti-spam, postfix, sean reifschneider, technical
Dec 15 in the press.Tagged » press, sean reifschneider
Dec 13
Another Google Suggest hack.Tagged » python, sean reifschneider
Dec 12
An update to python-memcached.Tagged » python, sean reifschneider, technical
Dec 12
Security for Credit Card ProcessingTagged » evelyn mitchell, linux, processes, security, technical
Dec 12
Software suspend status and RPMs.Tagged » fedora, fedora core 3, linux, sean reifschneider, software suspend, technical
Dec 11
Linux System Administration OutsourcingTagged » business, outsourcing, sean reifschneider
Dec 09
System reliability.Tagged » reliability, sean reifschneider, technical
Dec 08
Bash CDPATH CompletionTagged » sean reifschneider, technical
Dec 08
Fun with RPMTagged » kevin fenzi, rpm, tech
Dec 06
Snort testingTagged » ids, kevin fenzi, security, snort, tech
Dec 02
A few more comments changes.Tagged » sean reifschneider, website
Dec 02
Comments page and RSS feed.Tagged » sean reifschneider, website
Dec 01
Useful web lookup sitesTagged » information, kevin fenzi, web
Nov 30
Python 2.4 released.Tagged » community, python, sean reifschneider
Nov 30
Smarter as a team: Compressed file-systems.Tagged » backups, compression, sean reifschneider, technology
Nov 29
Hashcash spam prevention system.Tagged » e-mail, sean reifschneider, technical
Nov 28
Changes to the journals pages.Tagged » sean reifschneider, website
Nov 26
GUI EditorsTagged » gui, html, jotweb, sean reifschneider
Nov 24
Sound fun with KDE.Tagged » audio, kde, sean reifschneider, technical
Nov 23
Look before you jumpTagged » apache, kevin fenzi, named, postfix, tech
Nov 22
XFS and an interesting week for Software RAID.Tagged » md, sean reifschneider, software raid, technical, xfs
Nov 21
An informal MTA popularity contest.Tagged » mta, sean reifschneider, smtp, technical
Nov 19
Hyper-threading and scheduler latency.Tagged » hardware, sean reifschneider
Nov 19
A few handy commandsTagged » command line, kevin fenzi, tech
Nov 19
Maintaining DRBD/Heartbeat clusters.Tagged » clustering, drbd, linux, linux-ha, sean reifschneider, technical
Nov 17
Firefox 1.0 extensionsTagged » extensions, firefox, kevin fenzi, tech
Nov 17
Installing MySQL 4.1 on Fedora Core 2Tagged » fedora core 2, linux, mysql, scott kleihege, technical, yum
Nov 16
Finally happy with FC3.Tagged » fedora, fedora core 3, linux, sean reifschneider, technical, upgrade
Nov 15
FC3 followupsTagged » bugfixes, fedora core 3, kevin fenzi, tech
Nov 14
My FC3 upgrade, continued.Tagged » sean reifschneider
Nov 13
My upgrade from FC1 to FC3.Tagged » fedora, fedora core 1, fedora core 3, linux, sean reifschneider, upgrade
Nov 12
The site now supports trackbacks.Tagged » sean reifschneider, website
Nov 12
Distractions and computers.Tagged » chatter, sean reifschneider
Nov 11
An update on greylisting.Tagged » chatter, sean reifschneider
Nov 11
FC3 gnome filedialogTagged » fedora core 3, gnome, kevin fenzi
Nov 10
NCLUG Presentation, JOTWeb2 and Open Source BenefitsTagged » open source, presentation, programming, sean reifschneider
Nov 09
Fedora Core 3 UpgradeTagged » fedora core 3, kevin fenzi, linux, tips and tricks, upgrade
Nov 09
HTML Presentations with S5Tagged » chatter, presentation, sean reifschneider
Nov 08
perl modules and RPMTagged » kevin fenzi, technical
Nov 07
ISPCon Wrap UpTagged » conference report, sean reifschneider
Nov 04
clamavTagged » kevin fenzi, technical
Nov 04
Comparison of blacklisting and greylisting.Tagged » e-mail, greylisting, sean reifschneider
Nov 04
ISPCon first day continuedTagged » conference report, sean reifschneider
Nov 03
First day at ISPCon.Tagged » conference report, sean reifschneider
Nov 03
handy rpm commandsTagged » kevin fenzi, technical
Nov 02
DistractionsTagged » chatter, sean reifschneider
Nov 02
Multi-chassis RAID.Tagged » ideas, sean reifschneider
Nov 02
NFS and netappsTagged » kevin fenzi, technical
Nov 01
First postTagged » chatter, kevin fenzi
Oct 30
Success of JOTWeb, Changing processes.Tagged » processes, sean reifschneider, web
Oct 29
Some people take all the fun out of SSH.Tagged » sean reifschneider, ssh, technical
Oct 29
IPW2100 driver improvements, lots of HTML.Tagged » chatter, sean reifschneider
Oct 28
Remote network repair and cluster symlinks.Tagged » chatter, sean reifschneider
Oct 27
A couple of vi tips.Tagged » sean reifschneider, tips and tricks
Oct 27
Rebooting Asterisk, Symlink Management, and Hacking SocietyTagged » asterisk, chatter, sean reifschneider
Oct 26
Low-energy day, RSS for the journals, JOTWeb, and "tar -v" after the fact.Tagged » chatter, sean reifschneider
Oct 23
The new DRBD, Telcos should be frightened.Tagged » asterisk, chatter, high availability, sean reifschneider
Oct 20
New websiteTagged » evelyn mitchell, website