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Dec 23
Cleaning up vim tmp files on boot.Tagged » sean reifschneider, technical, vim
Dec 05
Automating hard drive partitioning.Tagged » fdisk, sean reifschneider, technical
Dec 05
Current state of the Hitachi Hard DrivesTagged » hard drives, hitachi, kernel, sean reifschneider
Nov 11
Other load-balancing options...Tagged » load-balancing, sean reifschneider, technical
Nov 07
Fedora IRC Classes and Elections and F10Tagged » class, elections, fedora, irc, kevin fenzi
Oct 23
So you want to process e-mail from Python?Tagged » e-mail, python, sean reifschneider, technical
Oct 08
Follow up to the Hitachi issues.Tagged » hard drives, hitachi, kernel, sean reifschneider
Sep 21
Photo meme continued.Tagged » photos, sean reifschneider
Sep 21
Using FreeDOS CD for BIOS updates.Tagged » bios, freedos, sean reifschneider, technical
Sep 18
Installing Hardy on many hard drives.Tagged » grub, hardy, sean reifschneider, technical
Sep 17
Why do we test all our drives?Tagged » hard drives, sean reifschneider, technical, testing
Sep 16
What's the deal with Hitachi drives lately?Tagged » hard drives, hitachi, sean reifschneider, technical
Sep 06
Program to hunt for Sprint (or similar) wireless device.Tagged » sean reifschneider, technical, wireless
Sep 05
Enigmail message composition and mutt.Tagged » encryption, sean reifschneider, technical
Aug 25
"help" for zshTagged » sean reifschneider, technical, zsh
Aug 11
"Book" mode editing of code in vim.Tagged » sean reifschneider, technical, vim
Aug 08
rawstdin: Library for doing "raw" prompting of users.Tagged » library, python, sean reifschneider, technical
Aug 08
A month of ZFS under LinuxTagged » linux, sean reifschneider, technical, zfs
Jul 25
I feel like a superhero!Tagged » sean reifschneider
Jul 25
Enabling automatic upgrades on HardyTagged » hardy, sean reifschneider, ubuntu, upgrades
Jul 08
My Desktop HabitsTagged » desktop, linux, sean reifschneider, technical
Jul 07
Putting it all together: The Ultimate Storage BoxTagged » linux, sean reifschneider, storage, zfs
Jul 05
ZFS Under Linux: A User ReportTagged » sean reifschneider, technical, zfs
Jul 05
Why I Like ZFS.Tagged » sean reifschneider, technical, zfs
Jul 03
SATA Port Multipliers Under LinuxTagged » sata, sean reifschneider, technical
Jun 25
Hiding crypto file-systems.Tagged » encryption, ideas, sean reifschneider, technical
Jun 20
Fudcon 10 days one and twoTagged » conferences, fudcon 10, kevin fenzi, tech
Jun 19
Fudcon Boston F10Tagged » conference, fedora, fudcon, kevin fenzi, tech
Jun 06
Disabling the Gnome DesktopTagged » gnome, sean reifschneider
May 27
FYI: Gandi DNS servers seem to be having problems.Tagged » dns, sean reifschneider, technical
May 23
Of Beta versions and DistributionsTagged » beta versions, fedora, kevin fenzi, software, tech
May 19
Impressions of Fedora 9Tagged » fedora, fedora 9, kevin fenzi, linux, releases, tech
May 02
Growing a software RAID-5 array.Tagged » linux, sean reifschneider, technical
Mar 19
Report on PyCon 2008 Networking.Tagged » networking, pycon, sean reifschneider, wifi
Feb 14
Sean and Evelyn at PyCon.Tagged » pycon, python, sean reifschneider
Feb 03
The New NielsensTagged » popularity, sean reifschneider
Jan 14
Fudcon Raleigh 2008Tagged » fedora, fudcon, kevin fenzi, tech
Jan 02
Linux Photo ManagementTagged » cameras, fedora, kevin fenzi, linux, photos, pictures