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Dec 20
My musings on E-Books.Tagged » ebook, reading, sean reifschneider
Dec 20
Musings on eBooksTagged » android, ebook, fedora, kevin fenzi, reading
Dec 10
Rsync and rdiff-backup: Two great tastes that go great together.Tagged » backups, sean reifschneider, technical
Dec 10
Munin plugins for PowerDNS RecursorTagged » dns, munin, sean reifschneider
Dec 09
18 months of ZFS-FUSETagged » linux, sean reifschneider, zfs
Dec 09
ZFS dedup Available in ZFS-FUSETagged » dedup, linux, sean reifschneider, technical, zfs
Dec 09
iptstate -- "top" for network connectionsTagged » linux, network, sean reifschneider, top
Dec 09
frandom: Even faster kernel randomnessTagged » linux, random, sean reifschneider
Dec 04
CLUSTERIP for load-balancing and HA.Tagged » clusterip, high-availability, load-balancing, sean reifschneider
Nov 29
Note on new python-memcached module: Different hash algorithm.Tagged » memcache, python, sean reifschneider
Nov 01
Setting up Pagination in DjangoTagged » django, python, recipe, sean reifschneider
Oct 28
My Write-up for PyCon 2009 Networking (Finally)Tagged » networking, pycon, python, sean reifschneider, wifi
Sep 18
Removing U3 Partitions on USB Drives in LinuxTagged » linux, sean reifschneider, usb
Aug 29
Auto-Connecting with Cricket Wireless A600 ModemTagged » networking, sean reifschneider, technical
Aug 29
Automating NetworkManager WWAN ConnectionsTagged » networking, sean reifschneider, technical
Aug 25
Keyboard stops responding in KDE.Tagged » bug, kde, sean reifschneider
Aug 20
Really fast USB stick: Ridata RDESSD32G-R-BXTagged » review, sean reifschneider, usb
Aug 20
Neat new feature in Thunderbird 3: Message Summaries.Tagged » sean reifschneider
Aug 13
Linking ngircd servers: Beware of password length.Tagged » bugs, irc, ngircd, sean reifschneider, technical
Aug 07
Python Usage SurveyTagged » python, sean reifschneider
Aug 04
OSCON 2009Tagged » conferences, mike loseke, sysadmin, technical
Jul 29
New BIND update available: Denial of Service fix.Tagged » bind, dns, sean reifschneider, technical
Jul 26
More on my Serial to Ethernet project.Tagged » ethernet, rs-232, sean reifschneider, technical
Jul 21
Idea: Hybrid laptop batteries.Tagged » batteries, ideas, sean reifschneider
Jul 17
Experiment: Adding "re" to Python string objects.Tagged » filter, python, sean reifschneider
Jul 12
Gutter cleaning the robot way: Looj reviewTagged » review, robot, sean reifschneider
Jun 28
Serial to Ethernet adapters.Tagged » ethernet, rs-232, sean reifschneider, technical
Jun 06
A pile of Short Fedora notesTagged » classes, distributions, elections, fedora, feedback, kevin fenzi, linux, tech
Jun 05
IP Address Calculator for Android PhonesTagged » android, ip, sean reifschneider
Jun 01
More information about change in a progress bar.Tagged » gui, ideas, sean reifschneider
May 31
Note: OpenSuSE 11.1 with mptsas and Multipath issues.Tagged » lsi, multipath, opensuse, sas, sean reifschneider
May 09
Using LVM snapshots for Python Package build chroots.Tagged » lvm, python, sean reifschneider, snapshots
May 02
Libvirt IRC Class tomorrowTagged » classes, irc, kevin fenzi, tech, virt
Apr 05
Review of PyCon 2009Tagged » pycon, sean reifschneider
Mar 25
Python Packaging for Developers and System AdminsTagged » packaging, python, sean reifschneider
Mar 21
Automatic name server replication with PowerDNS.Tagged » dns, sean reifschneider, technical
Mar 18
See you at PyCon 2009?Tagged » sean reifschneider
Mar 05
Adding an Audit Interface to BackupPCTagged » audit, backups, mike loseke, technical, ubuntu
Feb 26
Dell PowerConnect 5324 ARP Problem with Firmware » dell, networking, scott kleihege, technical
Feb 23
Musings on MidoriTagged » fedora, kevin fenzi, midori, tech, web browsers, xfce
Feb 06
Fedora LUG talks next weekTagged » blug, fedora, kevin fenzi, lug, nclug, tech
Jan 29
Belated Fudcon 11 wrapupTagged » fedora, fudcon 11, kevin fenzi
Jan 24
6 Months of ZFS in LinuxTagged » sean reifschneider, technical, zfs
Jan 21
Google Android Dev Phone ReviewTagged » android, review, sean reifschneider