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Dec 31
Fun with Comcast and IPv6Tagged » fedora, ipv6, kevin fenzi, linux, nclug, technical
Dec 28
Fonts and web browsersTagged » browsers, fedora, fonts, kevin fenzi, linux, nclug, technical
Dec 27
Keepassx ReviewTagged » fedora, kevin fenzi, linux, nclug, passwords, reviews, technical
Dec 21
New Python-Memcached ModuleTagged » memcached, python, sean reifschneider
Dec 21
The Bottle Web Micro-frameworkTagged » bottle, python, sean reifschneider, web
Dec 16
New Python Memcache ReleaseTagged » memcache, python, sean reifschneider
Dec 03
Ubuntu Maverick: /etc/cron.daily/apt: Segmentation faultTagged » apt, packages, sean reifschneider, ubuntu
Nov 16
Python ctypes wrapper for cracklibTagged » library, nclug, python, sean reifschneider
Nov 15
Running Google Chromium Full-Screen on a KioskTagged » browser, nclug, sean reifschneider, technical, web
Nov 14
iSCSI boot on Ubuntu Maverick and Fedora 14.Tagged » boot, iscsi, nclug, sean reifschneider
Nov 13
Flashcache initial impressions.Tagged » impressions, nclug, sean reifschneider, ssd, technical
Nov 12
Released python-psycopgwrap on github.Tagged » database, python, sean reifschneider, sql
Nov 05
Fedora 14 Initial ImpressionsTagged » fedora, impressions, nclug, review, sean reifschneider
Nov 03
Patch for btrfs-progs to output the latest generation id.Tagged » btrfs, nclug, patches, sean reifschneider, technical
Nov 03
Don't mkfs on that btrfs install...Tagged » btrfs, installer, nclug, sean reifschneider
Nov 01
Fun with btrfs: What files have changed?Tagged » btrfs, linux, nclug, sean reifschneider, technical
Nov 01
btrsnap: Create and Expire Periodic btrfs SnapshotsTagged » btrfs, linux, nclug, sean reifschneider, technical
Oct 28
Some notes on using Cobbler.Tagged » deployment, linux, nclug, sean reifschneider, technical
Oct 25
New home information display.Tagged » howto, nclug, python, sean reifschneider
Oct 19
Chromium browser with self-signed certs.Tagged » browser, chromium, sean reifschneider, technical
Oct 08
Tracking down high I/O loadTagged » io, linux, load, nclug, sean reifschneider, server, technical
Oct 06
A quick overview of SpreadTagged » linux, nclug, sean reifschneider, spread, technical
Oct 05
Using gPXE with PXE serverTagged » linux, nclug, pxe, sean reifschneider, technical
Oct 04
Atomic site updates: btrfs and symlinks.Tagged » btrfs, linux, nclug, sean reifschneider
Oct 03
Some experimenting with Ceph.Tagged » ceph, filesystem, linux, nclug, sean reifschneider, technical
Oct 03
Online shrinking of btrfs.Tagged » btrfs, nclug, sean reifschneider, technical
Sep 09
Resource Control in Linux-HA HeartbeatTagged » heartbeat, mike loseke, nclug, technical
Aug 29
CalibreTagged » fedora, kevin fenzi, linux, reviews, software
Aug 26
Getting the program name in scriptsTagged » bash, nclug, sean reifschneider, technical
Aug 24
A very useful tool: fpingTagged » nclug, networking, sean reifschneider, technical
Aug 24
Avoiding your SSH daemon being killed during OOM.Tagged » linux, nclug, sean reifschneider, technical
Aug 19
I avoid "rm *".Tagged » linux, nclug, process, sean reifschneider
Aug 10
Fun with DNSSecTagged » dns, fedora, kevin fenzi, linux, security
Jul 31
Claws-Mail vs. ThunderbirdTagged » claws, linux, nclug, review, sean reifschneider, thunderbird
Jul 16
Setting up a PXE boot ServerTagged » dhcp, kyle anderson, linux, nclug, netbooting, networking, pxe, technical, tftp
Jun 20
Competing teams and HP BASIC.Tagged » history, sean reifschneider
Jun 06
Native ZFS coming to Linux?Tagged » nclug, sean reifschneider, zfs
Jun 02
cron+xargs: The Scheduler of the StarsTagged » command-line, cron, nclug, sean reifschneider, technical, tricks, xargs
May 29
ChromiumTagged » browser, kevin fenzi, linux, reviews, web
May 15
Getting 95 percentile numbers out of rrdtoolTagged » nclug, networking, sean reifschneider, technical
May 09
RHEL6 beta and EPEL6 newsTagged » epel, kevin fenzi, linux, reviews, rhel
May 01
Python syslog patch to log exceptionsTagged » patch, python, sean reifschneider, syslog
Apr 27
Initial btrstress results.Tagged » btrfs, file-system, nclug, sean reifschneider, stresstest
Apr 21
Analysis of a data loss event.Tagged » raid, sean reifschneider, technical
Apr 19
Tricks: Using xargs to feed multiple CPUs.Tagged » command-line, sean reifschneider, tricks, unix
Apr 18
Patch to Python syslog module to use sys.argv[0] for "ident".Tagged » python, sean reifschneider
Apr 18
btrstress Program AvailableTagged » btrfs, file-system, sean reifschneider, stresstest
Apr 17
Improving Deduplication Performance Under ZFS-FUSETagged » performance, sean reifschneider, technical, zfs
Apr 11
ZFS-FUSE Status: Testing with DeDup going well.Tagged » linux, sean reifschneider, technical, zfs, zfs-fuse
Mar 30
What advice would you give yourself?Tagged » advice, sean reifschneider
Mar 14
@reboot and other cron fun.Tagged » cron, sean reifschneider, technical
Mar 02
mkpkg: Helper to create for your projects.Tagged » packaging, python, sean reifschneider
Feb 26
PyCon 2010 Networking Wrap-upTagged » networking, pycon, python, sean reifschneider
Feb 24
Python developers are the best!Tagged » python, sean reifschneider
Feb 22
The story behind the DNS server.Tagged » dns, sean reifschneider
Feb 04
Firefox Weave: Syncing Between MachinesTagged » firefox, plugin, sean reifschneider, synchronization
Feb 02
Django snippet for automating templates.Tagged » django, python, sean reifschneider
Jan 22
ZFS-FUSE Status: Happy stable release after patch, and in Debian.Tagged » sean reifschneider, status, zfs
Jan 21
Proxmox VE versus VMWare ESXiTagged » review, sean reifschneider, virtualization
Jan 17
Naming screen sessions.Tagged » linux, screen, sean reifschneider
Jan 16
iptables-restore is in the Atomic ageTagged » iptables, kevin fenzi, linux, security
Jan 09
New Year's Python memeTagged » python, sean reifschneider