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Dec 21
SVN directoriesTagged » sean reifschneider
Dec 14
Skeleton for testing Python code.Tagged » python, sean reifschneider, testing
Sep 18
Using custom .vimrc settings with googlecl and vimTagged » google docs, linux, mike loseke, nclug, technical, vim
May 29
Opsview notify_by_email and mailx on CentOS 6Tagged » linux, mike loseke, nclug, opsview, perl, technical
May 22
I2C Driver for Raspberry PiTagged » linux, raspberry pi, sean reifschneider
Apr 18
USB ThinkPad Keyboard no longer DOuble CAps!Tagged » keyboard, linux, sean reifschneider, usb
Apr 17
AT&T Global Network Client under Ubuntu 12.04 64-bitTagged » 64bit, sean reifschneider, ubuntu, vpn
Mar 29
Changing a RAID-10 into a RAID-5.Tagged » linux, raid, sean reifschneider, technical
Jan 21
A word on logging and database commits.Tagged » logging, postgresql, sean reifschneider