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Dec 27
Simple Security: Denyhosts and SSH on Non-Standard PortsTagged » ddos, denyhosts, dos, jesse-griffin, security, ssh
May 15
40-day Streak at GithubTagged » development, git, nclug, sean-reifschneider, software
May 15
Nagios NRPE ExploitTagged » linux, monitoring, nagios, nrpe, sean-reifschneider
May 11
Python unittest of Misbehaving TCP ServersTagged » python, sean-reifschneider, testing
Apr 08
Correct Password Hashing in PythonTagged » crypto, passwords, python, sean-reifschneider
Apr 08
New BackBlaze Storage Pod, 180TB for $11K.Tagged » nclug, sean-reifschneider, storage
Apr 03
First 5 Minutes Troubleshooting A ServerTagged » link, linux, quickstart, sean-reifschneider, troubleshooting
Mar 25
Article on Budget Data-Center StorageTagged » san, sean-reifschneider, storage
Mar 04
SSH Network TunnelingTagged » network, sean-reifschneider, ssh, tunnel
Mar 02
Git cheat-sheetTagged » cheatsheet, git, linux, sean-reifschneider, version control
Mar 02
What you need to know about ARP, in article form.Tagged » arp, ethernet, introduction, layer-2, linux, networking, overview, sean-reifschneider
Feb 23
New nanomon with built-in daemon mode schedulerTagged » monitoring, nanomon, sean-reifschneider, updates
Feb 20
BIND+RRL patched RPMs availableTagged » bind, centos, dns, packages, rrl, sean-reifschneider, security
Feb 19
New release of nanomon.Tagged » linux, monitoring, nanomon, python, sean-reifschneider
Feb 15
Wrote a Quickstart for Static Sites with MyntTagged » python, sean-reifschneider, web, website
Feb 11
Preventing Power Outages, Super Bowl EditionTagged » data-center, facilities, high-availability, operations, power, sean-reifschneider
Feb 09
A Quick Review of Python Static Site GeneratorsTagged » python, sean-reifschneider, web, website
Feb 09
New WebsiteTagged » news, sean-reifschneider, website
Jan 11
Interesting read on request versus response rate limiting.Tagged » dns, linux, sean reifschneider, technical