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Dec 31
Fun with Comcast and IPv6Tagged » fedora, ipv6, kevin fenzi, linux, nclug, technical
Dec 28
Fonts and web browsersTagged » browsers, fedora, fonts, kevin fenzi, linux, nclug, technical
Dec 27
Keepassx ReviewTagged » fedora, kevin fenzi, linux, nclug, passwords, reviews, technical
Nov 05
Fedora 14 Initial ImpressionsTagged » fedora, impressions, nclug, review, sean reifschneider
Aug 29
CalibreTagged » fedora, kevin fenzi, linux, reviews, software
Aug 10
Fun with DNSSecTagged » dns, fedora, kevin fenzi, linux, security
Dec 20
Musings on eBooksTagged » android, ebook, fedora, kevin fenzi, reading
Jun 06
A pile of Short Fedora notesTagged » classes, distributions, elections, fedora, feedback, kevin fenzi, linux, tech
Feb 23
Musings on MidoriTagged » fedora, kevin fenzi, midori, tech, web browsers, xfce
Feb 06
Fedora LUG talks next weekTagged » blug, fedora, kevin fenzi, lug, nclug, tech
Jan 29
Belated Fudcon 11 wrapupTagged » fedora, fudcon 11, kevin fenzi
Nov 07
Fedora IRC Classes and Elections and F10Tagged » class, elections, fedora, irc, kevin fenzi
Jun 19
Fudcon Boston F10Tagged » conference, fedora, fudcon, kevin fenzi, tech
May 23
Of Beta versions and DistributionsTagged » beta versions, fedora, kevin fenzi, software, tech
May 19
Impressions of Fedora 9Tagged » fedora, fedora 9, kevin fenzi, linux, releases, tech
Jan 14
Fudcon Raleigh 2008Tagged » fedora, fudcon, kevin fenzi, tech
Jan 02
Linux Photo ManagementTagged » cameras, fedora, kevin fenzi, linux, photos, pictures
Nov 23
libvirt is pretty coolTagged » fedora, kevin fenzi, kvm, libvirt, linux, virtual, vmware
Nov 11
Of backups, re-installs and encrypted disksTagged » encrypted-root, f8, fedora, kevin fenzi, linux, tech
Aug 07
a week inTagged » communication, fedora, irc, kevin fenzi, support, tech
Aug 01
FC-6 to F-7 via yumTagged » fedora, kevin fenzi, tech, upgrade, yum
May 14
Interesting package review: gpsbabelTagged » fedora, gps, kevin fenzi, tech
Apr 17
Interesting Package review: musshTagged » fedora, kevin fenzi, package reviews, ssh, tech
Apr 09
Interesting Package review: twinkleTagged » fedora, kevin fenzi, package reviews, sip, tech, voip
Apr 03
Interesting Package review: claws-mailTagged » fedora, kevin fenzi, mua's, package reviews, tech
Mar 26
Interesting Package review: PowerDNSTagged » fedora, kevin fenzi, package reviews, pdns, tech
Mar 07
Dell Latitude D820 ReviewTagged » d820, dell, fedora, kevin fenzi, latitude, linux
Feb 28
Hardware: Voting with your walletTagged » fedora, hardware, kevin fenzi, linux, open source
Feb 17
A richness of choicesTagged » fedora, kevin fenzi, tech, terminal programs
Feb 15
SmoltTagged » fedora, kevin fenzi, smolt, tech
Feb 05
Fudcon BostonTagged » barcamp, fedora, fudcon, kevin fenzi, tech
Jan 26
Fun with ppc Fedora and rpmTagged » fedora, kevin fenzi, linux, ppc, rpm, tech
Jan 25
Fedora Core + Fedora Extras = FedoraTagged » distributions, fedora, kevin fenzi, tech
Jan 24
Package repos are getting pretty goodTagged » fedora, kevin fenzi, packages, repositories, tech, yum
Jan 22
Xfce 4.4.0 releaseTagged » fedora, kevin fenzi, tech, xfce
Nov 30
Configuring VLANs Under Fedora/RHEL/CentOS.Tagged » centos, fedora, rhel, sean reifschneider, technical, vlan
Dec 12
Software suspend status and RPMs.Tagged » fedora, fedora core 3, linux, sean reifschneider, software suspend, technical
Nov 16
Finally happy with FC3.Tagged » fedora, fedora core 3, linux, sean reifschneider, technical, upgrade
Nov 13
My upgrade from FC1 to FC3.Tagged » fedora, fedora core 1, fedora core 3, linux, sean reifschneider, upgrade