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Emergency Contact Instructions

If you have a service impacting emergency, and you need to reach one of us right away, press '1' when you reach our automated attendant, and leave a message. The message will be delivered to our emergency on-call list, and will be answered right away.

Please respect our technicians and only use this procedure for service impacting emergencies requiring immediate response from a technician. Unless you have a contract that says otherwise, our emergency consulting rate is $200/hour with 2 hours minimum.

History, ltd. was founded in 1995 by Sean Reifschneider and Evelyn Mitchell to develop, market and support Open Source software. From the very beginning they held the values of openness, integrity and responsiveness to be their vision of what they wanted to offer to their customers. has grown to be a full service Linux Consultancy, specializing in System and Network Administration in the Data Center environment, Security, E-mail, Python, and more.

We have always believed in the power of the Open Source community, even before it was called Open Source. We actively participate in Linux Users Groups.

We contribute to a wide variety of Open Source Projects, including Python, Fedora, Mailman, Qmail, Zope, and others. We use Open Source software for the vast majority of our computing needs.

Our Founders

Sean Reifschneider has been developing on and doing system administration for Unix and Linux systems since his first job as a teenager. Prior to founding, he had worked as a C developer for a computer manufacturer in Fort Collins, a C developer for a Unix software development company in Fort Collins, and a Systems Administrator under contract to a large telecommunications company providing support to their billing systems. He is a strong Systems Administrator and Programmer, with a passion for solving problems.

Evelyn Mitchell is the administrative partner of She has a varied background in technology and business, including work as a developer for a mining company and internet based financial services firm.

Some Projects We've Worked On

We have extensive experience with supporting Linux systems in the Data Center environment and custom Linux solutions for a variety of business needs. These projects include:

Technical Expertise

Please see our Supported Technologies page.