Your Linux Data Center Experts

Hosting by Linux Experts

Who better to host your systems than a team of seasoned consultants? When you host with, ltd., you get dependable help and top of the line features including:

  • Top-tier facility
  • N+1 Redundancy
  • Safe from East coast weather
  • Safe from West coast brownouts
  • Custom solutions for your needs
  • SysAdmins that know Linux
  • Simple, robust, architecture

Managed Servers

Our managed servers are dedicated for your use only. This prevents other users from contending for resources, and eliminates many security issues common in virtualized environments. Particularly recommended for higher utilization or when critical services and data are involved.

Premium Virtual Hosting

Virtual servers get the advantages of our excellent system administration services, top-tier facilities, and long term backups on our high end hosts. Our generous resource allocation ensures that even during a traffic spike or search engine crawl, your services can remain responsive.

Mission Critical

Your mission is critical and you need experienced system administrators to ensure end to end functionality. Our facilities also offer the best in redundancy. We can help you deploy highly available services without causing you headaches. If your business relies on uptime, we can help.

Customer Satisfaction

When you buy from, ltd., you get outstanding hosting and distinguished service. Don't take our word for it...