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Hosting Consulting

Enhanced Monitoring

Our enhanced monitoring packages include custom application and end-to-end service checks to ensure continuous availability to your users. Our staff acts as primary responders to eliminate the 3am pages, so you can start the day fresh.


For deployment or enhancement, we can provide recommendations on software and hardware configurations to meet your needs. Our research and development constantly is evaluating new software and techniques to allow you to stay ahead of the competition. We aren't just a server room, we help ensure your success.

Security Audits

We've been running Internet-facing servers for decades. We know as well as anyone that security is a process, not a check-box. Regular review of system configurations, logs, backups, and available security updates is a critical component of preventing unauthorized access.

Performance Optimization

Capacity analysis, load spike review and countermeasures, caching and load-balancing, solid state storage... These are all techniques that we can assist you with to ensure more users are handled less expensively and more quickly. Performance is an important component of customer acquisition and retention. We can help.

Custom Configuration

Other providers offer a button for you to click, and you have to take it from there. Our consulting services provide extensive custom configuration of services on your managed host to match your exact needs and requirements. Our in-depth knowledge of Linux software allows us to support more sophisticated software deployments, allowing you to achieve your goals more quickly and easily.


Whether you need help tracking down high load, setting up replication, or disaster recovery and backups... We can quickly and reliably diagnose, monitor, and react to your database operations, providing quick and reliable response for your users.

Startup Dev/Ops

Most startups have tight budgets and not enough hours in the day. Yet during this critical growth period you need services operating smoothly around the clock. Gain the benefits of a team of SysAdmins: 24x365 coverage via page rotation, cross-trained staff, and diverse expertise. All this on a smaller budget than adding in-house staff. When it's time to add staff, our documentation and transition training can get them up to speed quickly.

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