Your Linux Data Center Experts

Mission-Critical Hosting

High Availability

Our team has been architecting business-critical high availability clusters since 1995. The self-healing capabilities are called for any time that company operation or revenue grinds to a halt when servers are not available. Our HA clusters have no shared single point of failure, guaranteed. When your business relies on it, you can count on a, ltd. High Availability cluster.

Simply Robust

Most larger providers deploy storage and networking systems that require a team with specialized knowledge to deploy and manage. Our architecture avoids components that require most of a day to fix. We deploy solutions that are as simple as possible, while still being robust.

Linux Experts

We are staffed by full-time Linux SysAdmins. From simple configuration to custom-developed solutions, we can help you. Wheter your questions relation to simple, standard configurations or involve custom non-standard deployments, our staff can help. We are your one-stop shop for your Internet service hosting.


Premium Bandwidth

Our network connects to the Internet at multiple spots, and uses state-of-the-art traffic optimization systems to ensure quick response. Our geographic location reduces worst-case latencies that occur when hosting on the East or West coast. Connections to multiple top-tier Internet backbones provides multiple options for low-latency paths to uesrs around the world.

Experienced SysAdmins

All dedicated systems are managed by our team of experienced Linux SysAdmins. This means that critical security updates are applied quickly, security is always a priority, and your systems are managed and monitored by people who know what they are doing. Rather than being a hosting company that also does Linux, our Linux-first focus is an important part of our industry-leading customer retention rates.

Custom Solutions

We don't require you to wade through a page full of low-level hardware options. Ordering our service involves consultation with our experienced technical staff to determine exactly what options will best fit your needs and budget. With us you are talking to real people who care about your business, not a call center or web form. Your customers rely on you, we care.