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Linux System/Network Administrator

Overview, ltd., founded in 1995, is looking for a greater than intermediate level Linux system and network administrator. We provide fun, challenging, Linux-focused work with heavy community and open source ethics. Our primary business is providing Linux and networking expertise to other companies located throughout the US, primarily via e-mail, phone, and IM. While candidate's presence in Northern Colorado is required for training and regular meetings, working from home is the norm.

Ideal candidates will have strong Linux and IP networking skills and experience, with the motivation and drive to be able to work successfully in a company that has no central office. Strong communication skills are a must, with the ability to communicate with a variety of people via both written and spoken English.

Description, ltd. has been in business for around 20 years, providing our clients with experienced Linux System Administration resources. Roughly 60% of our revenue comes from Linux System and Network Administration consulting, and 40% comes from dedicated "managed hosting". This provides us with a broad diversity of work coming in the door at any time.

Primarily, we provide outsourced system administration. For some of our clients, we are their primary sysadmins, for others they have their own in-house sysadmins who call us when they need additional help or expertise which they may not have. We are regularly called upon to do simple tasks, such as adding another virtual host to a system, as well as complex tasks such as designing and implementing a High Availability cluster of machines., ltd. has a strong reputation and is nationally known. Because of this, the vast majority of our clients are not in the local area. We primarily work remotely via SSH on servers in remote parts of the country. This allows us to have an extremely flexible work environment, securely working from home or the coffee shop or the like. We don't have a central office and would like to keep it that way because of the flexibility that provides.

We are heavily involved in the Linux and open source communities, and very much believe in these ideals. We have a staff of 6, and have contributions including Python core, Co-Author of the Linux Security HOWTO, donating hosting for area LUGs and a public 3TB mirror of software, Fedora packaging and Fedora Steering Committee Board Member. While there is a lot of work to be done for our clients, we do encourage our staff to be involved in the Open Source community.

In short,, ltd. provides (we have been told) a "dream job" for someone who is dedicated and enthusiastic about Linux and the open source community.

Desired Skills

The following are some of the skills that the successful candidate will bring to this position.

Example Tasks

To get a feel for the work, here are some examples of tasks we have performed over the last week.

To Apply

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If so, please provide a resume and cover letter in either plain text format, on the Internet (HTML), or PDF via e-mail to with the subject "System Administrator".

In your cover letter be sure to explain why you are a good candidate for this job. In particular, cover all items above in whatever detail you feel comfortable. More detail is probably better.

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