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Bob Proulx

Here is my subversion outline.  Generally following Sean's darc's

One thing to note is that subversion is a lot more verbose, a lot more
characters on the screen, for the same operations as in darcs or git.
I feel like this is too much right now but I can burn through the
basics very quickly and spend time on the merge step which is most
finicky there.

  Getting online help:
    svn help
    svn status --help
    svn info  # while in a working copy

  Create project repository infrastructure:
    svnadmin create --fs-type=fsfs /var/tmp/aproj
    svn mkdir \
      file:///var/tmp/aproj/trunk \
      file:///var/tmp/aproj/branches \
      file:///var/tmp/aproj/tags \
      -m "Creating project infrastructure."

  Create working copy:
    cd /tmp
    svn checkout file:///var/tmp/aproj/trunk aproj
    cd aproj
    ...create files in this location...
    svn add *
    svn commit
    svn log

    ...modify files in this location...
    svn status
    svn diff
    svn commit
    svn update
    svn log

    svn copy file:///var/tmp/aproj/trunk
    svn ls file:///var/tmp/aproj/tags
    ...modify files on trunk...
    svn status
    svn diff
    svn commit
    svn update
    svn copy file:///var/tmp/aproj/trunk file:///var/tmp/aproj/tags/snap-2
    svn diff file:///var/tmp/aproj/tags/snap-1 file:///var/tmp/aproj/tags/snap-2
    svn diff file:///var/tmp/aproj/tags/snap-2 file:///var/tmp/aproj/trunk
    svn copy file:///var/tmp/aproj/trunk file:///var/tmp/aproj/tags/release-1.1
    svn delete file:///var/tmp/aproj/tags/snap-1

    svn copy file:///var/tmp/aproj/trunk file:///var/tmp/aproj/branches/rwp-devel
    svn switch file:///var/tmp/aproj/branches/rwp-devel
    ...modify files on rwp-devel branch...
    svn status
    svn diff
    svn commit
    svn update
    svn log --stop-on-copy

  Moving between versions, tags, branches:
    svn switch file:///var/tmp/aproj/trunk
    svn switch file:///var/tmp/aproj/branches/rwp-devel
    svn switch file:///var/tmp/aproj/tags/release-1.1

  Merging branches method 1:
    svn merge -r9:11 file:///var/tmp/aproj/branches/rwp-devel .
    svn commit
    svn update
    svn delete file:///var/tmp/aproj/branches/rwp-devel

  Merging branches method 2:
    svn copy -r9 file:///var/tmp/aproj/branches/rwp-devel \
    ...modify files on rwp-devel branch and commit there...
    svn merge file:///var/tmp/aproj/tags/rwp-devel-start \
      file:///var/tmp/aproj/branches/rwp-devel .
    svn commit
    svn update