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A program to manage making and restoring links in a Linux HA cluster using DRBD. When the shared cluster drive is mounted, certain files and directories are moved aside and links are created into the shared partition.

vPostMaster Mail Server

An easy-to-deploy e-mail server combining a web management interface with robust anti-spam into a cohesive solution for e-mail in an environment completely under your control. Be up and handling e-mail in 5 minutes.


Python client library for working with the memcache server. This is generally considered the official memcached module for Python.


A monitoring system that is as small as possible, but no smaller. It implements the minimum required features to reasonably alert you of system issues. Unlike a simple cron job, it won't spam you with hundreds or thousands of e-mails.


External policy filter for Postfix which does Greylisting and SPF lookups on incoming e-mail. It uses the file-system for storing greylist data and configuration information, so it doesn't rely on any database packages or suffer from database corruption.


Performs daily database backups of your postgres/mysql/rpm databases and keeps several historic copies.



A set of programs for sending data to or from TCP ports on a network, like "cat" only to a different host. It includes minimal implementations of both which are easy to type in on broken systems or when using rescue discs to get data on or off the system.


A client/server backup program using tar for the transport encoding. The server understands tar format, and can split the tar files up into media-sized chunks, and create an index of files and locations for speedy recovery.

A module implementing DJB-style netstrings. (


Some tools for writing python code in vim.

A module for watching when files change and processing the new lines.


A Python module for validating credit card numbers in Python. This does not contact a credit card clearing agency, it simply verifies the card number checksum and reports the card type.

A module for doing file locking in a safe way.


A Python socket framework which makes writing SMTP-like socket servers simple. It is meant for low performance applications such as a simple control interface for a program. For example, it was used as a remote interface to an LED sign.

System Administration


Safely restarts the firewall if you are logged in over the network, ensuring that you don't lock yourself out.


Init script to enable reboot on panic. This is useful if you are doing a dark datacenter, and don't want to make a trip to touch your servers if one of them panic


A log analyzer for RADIUS servers. RADIUS is used by ISPs


Program to enable fsck to run non-interactively on boot


A program that monitors other programs and restarts them when they die.


jivesyslog is a patch I wrote for April Fools day, possibly in 1999, which causes all syslog messages to be written after being translated to jive. libjive is a conversion of the "jive" program to a library for use with other programs.


Simple Python program which, at the direction of a configuration file, manages virtual IP addresses on a host. Re-running setupvirtuals after modifying the config file will add or remove aliases making the system become concurrant with the configuration file.


postfix Config Makefile

A Makefile that automatically rebuilds Postfix database files and restarts Postfix when config or database files require.


A patch for using the spamassassin CGI-based configuration tool.

Historic Software


Wifiroamd is a background process which can be easily configured to do a rich (and customizable) set of operations for bringing up your preferred wireless networks. It is a command-line tool, that is usable by anyone comfortable with unix-like configuration via config files and simple init.d-like scripts. It would make a great engine for a graphical wireless management tool.


A simple web site templating system optimized for publishing mostly HTML files with TAL templates applied. It uses the file-system as the routing database and searches the directory structure for the templates. It uses Python, caches pages via memcache, and was the basis of the website from 2004 to 2012.


Mailing List Manager handler which allows incoming messages to be scanned for viruses and automatically held or discarded if the message is identified to be a virus.


A proxy which archives all incoming and outgoing mail to a database.


Used to allow easily setting up mailing list archives. Once set up, e-mail sent to "" will automaticly create the archive (if it doesn't exist) and add the message to it. An HTML index will be created, up to date as every message comes in.


Patches to the qmail mail transfer agent.


Program that automatically creates ".qmail-extension" files when an e-mail comes in for "user-extension", allowing it to be obvious what extensions you are getting mail for, and allowing you the opportunity to easily handle different extensions in their own ways.


Software for doing software catalog management and automatic download and install of software.


Updates the BIOS clock to match the system clock when run.

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