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This is a program to take nightly backups of your Postgres, MySQL, and RPM databases. It allows you to choose how many days of backups to save. The data is compressed using bzip2.


DBBackup will run once daily and defaults to doing both RPM and Postgresql nightly backups. To configure DBBackup to work with MySQL, the MySQL root password needs to be added to /etc/dbbackup.conf as well as changing the setting for DOMYSQL to 'yes'.


Getting started

For RPM yum based systems such as CentOS, the DBBackup repo can be added to your system using the following command:

@@@ Add an 'rpm -ivh http://' command similar to how EPEL is set up to
allow for automatic addition of the repo

After the repo has been added dbbackup can be installed via yum:

yum install dbbackup


You can download the latest dbbackup from:


DBBackup is released under the GPL.


DBBackup (source, binaries, report formats , documentation and all related matter) is copyright © 2006 Sean Reifschneider,, ltd.