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nanomon is an extremely small and simple monitoring system meant largely for reporting on a few systems such as reporting failures on RAID arrays, ZFS volums, or file-systems don't fill up. It's meant to be similar to a simple "check" script that one may write, but with the additional features:

nanomon uses "cron" or it's own scheduler for the scheduling, and is a single program executable. nanomon runs external programs (as specified in the config file), which can be simple commands or shell scripts and determines success or failure by either exit code, string match, or Python function (including regular expression match).



Code/Bugfixes: On Github

Recent changes

WHATSNEW (first 15 lines):

Version 1.04 -- Sun Mar 03, 2013

Removing the "with" reference so it works with older Pythons.

Version 1.03 -- Sat Feb 23, 2013

Log a message when an alert is generated (down or up).
Added "daemon" mode to run more frequently than every minute.

Version 1.02 -- Tue Feb 19, 2013

"UP" e-mail now includes what services were previously down.
      Suggested by Martin Seener.



Python: You can get source (and binaries for selected systems) from

Description and License

nanomon is licensed under the GPL.


nanomon (source, binaries, report formats, documentation and all related matter) is copyright © 2011-2013 Sean Reifschneider,, ltd.